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05:00 PM TTDPatch Bug #167: Vehicle list empty
Fixed in r2140 Dale McCoy
04:54 PM TTDPatch Bug #185: complete crash
2.0r1 is no longer supported. Please try again with 2.5 beta 9 or a nightly. Dale McCoy


06:03 AM TTDPatch Bug #174: AI builds on everything again
Title: Duplicate
Duplicate bug, please add further comments to
Dale McCoy


08:46 PM TTDPatch Bug #182: Can't build new vehicles in Multiplayer
Title: More information req'd
Please update to 2.5 beta 9 or the latest nightly, follow the directions on the Debu...
Dale McCoy


02:01 AM TTDPatch Bug #179 (New): Orders window bug with advorders
TTDPatch Version: 2.6 a0 r1803
Patch Feature: adv orders
If you add an advanced order and then click on the "Go T...
Dale McCoy


05:43 AM TTDPatch Bug #177: Crash while entering a junction
Title: Version what?
Please upgrade, and then update or re-submit this report. As of this writing, the latest vers...
Dale McCoy


05:24 AM TTDPatch Bug #176: Station bug
Title: Not a bug -- See FAQ
This problem is covered in the Gameplay section of the FAQ.
Dale McCoy


04:37 AM TTDPatch Bug #175: dplay.dll ??
Title: Not a bug -- See FAQ
What it says up ^^ there. This issue is covered in the FAQ.
Or you could use the ni...
Dale McCoy
04:36 AM TTDPatch Bug #174: AI builds on everything again
Confirmed as a bug in newairports. Until fixed, just turn newairports off. Dale McCoy


05:37 PM TTDPatch Bug #173: crash in TTDpatch 2.5
Please attach your config files, and describe what you were doing when this happened.
Also, for future reference, ...
Dale McCoy

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